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Payroll that takes minutes, not hours.

Symply saves you valuable time by guiding you through the steps, so for you, it’s easier and faster than ever to run payroll.

Full-service and Mobile Payroll

Clean, easy-to-use user interface

Guided Payroll experience

Take the busy work off of your plate, we’ll handle it.

With Symply’s automations and integrations, you can free up your to do list to focus on what’s really important: growing your business.

Automatic Penalty Proof Tax Filings and Payments

Direct Deposit


Pricing that makes sense for your small business

Symply’s pricing was built for small businesses, with the tools all small businesses need, and add-ons to handle your additional HR and payroll needs.


Checklist: First TImers' Guide to Payroll

Is it your first time running payroll for your company? Download our checklist
with every step you need to take your first time running

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