About Symply


The Symply Story

Our team has been honored to spend the last 20 years working with small businesses to create payroll and HR solutions. During this time, we learned about the unique challenges they faced and realized there was no great product for small businesses that offer the best in experience, access and guidance.

Growing businesses need key features from their payroll software like quick onboarding, easy-to-access reports and a simple, easy-to-use interface. The available providers weren’t performing on these specific needs.

So, we created Symply.

Symply is a Guided Payroll Platform with the simplest and most intuitive experience possible. With Symply, you don’t just get a software to run your payroll - our Guided Payroll platform walks you through the common payroll and HR challenges that small businesses face.

What We Value


We strive to make complicated tasks as simple as possible for our customers.


We are passionate about our work, we don’t give up and we each take ownership of our contributions.


We empower our customers to handle the complications of payroll with ease and our team to take initiative.

Innovation & Curiosity

We don’t restrain ourselves to the status quo, but think limitlessly, challenging ourselves to create the best solutions.

Our vision is a world where complex problems have simple solutions, and we aim to empower small businesses with the most value and guidance possible.